Saturday, April 19, 2008

Island 10

La, Amalthea and I have an on-going conversation as to the top 10 albums (forgive the anachronism) we’d like to have on a desert island. I’m a bit of a cherry picker when it comes to albums, that is I’ll pop on an album or CD and pick one, two, sometimes three tunes to play then it’s on to the next one. So my criteria for making the top 10 has to be that ALL the tunes are great.

Here’s my list with no offers of explanation and in no apparent order.

Overnight Sensation – Frank Zappa.

Who’s Next – The Who

Live in San Francisco – Van Morrison

Fulfillingness First Finale – Stevie Wonder

Live at the Apollo – James Brown and his Famous Flames

Where’s the Money – Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks

Blue (or Court and Spark) – Joni Mitchell

So Far – Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

Sympathy for the Devil – The Rolling Stones

Aja - Steely Dan

That’s it! What’s yours?


jessica said...

Your list reminds me that I wanted to tell you about Zappa Plays Zappa, which I heard about in Rolling stone.

Chavo said...

I had heard that Dweezil was touring doing his old man's tunes, although I haven't heard him, he probably does a good job.

So Jessica, what's your Island 10?

jessica said...

Blue - Joni Mitchell

Ritual de lo Habitual - Jane's Addiction

Rhythm of the Saints - Paul Simon

Doolittle - The Pixies

Grace - Jeff Buckley

Bone Machine - Tom Waits

Ill Communication - Beastie Boys

The Hour of Bewilderbeast - Baadly Drawn Boy

And then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out - Yo La Tengo

Live at Storyville, Boston - Billie Holiday

amalthea said...

Blue - Joni Mitchell
The Immaculate Collection - Madonna
Graceland - Paul Simon
The Heart of Saturday Night - Tom Waits
Common One - Van Morrison
The Wild, The Innocent, The E Street Shuffle - Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
James and Thea's Wedding CD
Bassi Family Christmas CD 2003
FutureSex/LoveSounds - Justin Timberlake
Agaetis Byrjun - Sigur Ros

Chavo said...

Who is Agaetis Byrjun - Sigur Ros
sounds gaelic....

amalthea said...

Sigur Ros is a band from Iceland. Agaetis Byrjun is their first album and it sort of defies's very ambient. Jessica and I saw them at Spreckels and it was amazing and beautiful. Wait a minute...I think you have this album!

la said...

Rhapsody In Blue - Oscar Levant
Gonna Take A Miracle - Laura Nyro with The LaBelles
A Night In San Francisco - Van Morrison
Sunday 8 PM - Faithless
Northern Lights Southern Cross - The Band
Alice - Tom Waits
Graceland - Paul Simon
Pet Sounds- Beach Boys
Abraxas- Santana
Fulfillingness First Finale- Stevie Wonder

Of course this is almost all subject to change depending on mood, season or activity.

Hey! Chavo!! I had:
Young Americans- David Bowie
What Happened to it?

la said...
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jessica said...

These are so fun. I have ten more.