Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Did You?

Having spent the last two hours in the rain waiting to cast our votes, we certainly hope you took the opportunity to make your voice heard, or are planning to get it done sometime today.

We've never seen an election where we had to wait in line, let alone two hours! But it was fun and exciting, saw a whole slew of neighbors, shivering, wet, cappucino or macchiato in hand (we after all live in Little Italy).

We'd love to hear your voting experience (not who you voted for), let us know your thoughts this historic day.

Ciao! and good on ya if you got to the polls.


amalthea said...

I DID! And there were only two people in line in front of me... YAY!

Dawn Treader said...

mI voted last weekend , ther were quite a few people casting early ballots, it was exciting. I can't help thinking about Dr. J.B., a very conservative republican, but how proud He would be today of the new President Elect. Dr. B was denied entry into Columbia"s school of medicine on the basis of his race, even though he was third in his graduating class. As Louis Armstrong sings. " What a wonderful world this can be"

Chavo said...

He was a Republican????

Dawn Treader said...

He was