Friday, May 18, 2007

Stuff that 20 somethings have no clue about

I was shaving this morning with my five blade razor (which gives a great shave)thinking I haven't knicked myself in years. It occurred to me that our newest generation of 20somethings probably have never knicked themselves shaving. Which naturally got me to thinking what else there was that has gone the way of the dodo and is completely out of their reality. I've compiled a list here, maybe you'd like to add to it.

The good old double edged safety razor.

Which naturally led to using this.

How about a rotary dial phone. Analog anyone?

God I loved the smell of mimeograph paper, it almost made the quiz worthwhile.

I haven't seen one of these babies in years!

or carbon paper for that matter. God I can remember getting most of the way through typing a document only to make a mistake and have to do the whole damn thing over again.

I really hated keypunch cards! One mis-stroke and you screwed the whole program. It took hours to find the bad card.

How many remember the old man in the back of TV looking for the bad vacuum tube. Worrying he might just electrocute himself.

and then taking the tube down to the drugstore to test it.

So what have I missed?

Update: There's this too.

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Apollo said...

Here are a few more:

Walkie Talkies

Bias ply tires

Slide Rule (and perhaps the Compass)

Calculator (The PC of the 70s)

Cassettes and Cassette Decks.

Kodak Instamatic Cameras (You know the kind you pull the picture out of and wait a minute)


15+ inch woofers

Separate stereo components

Remember that funky "Space Tape" guys would put all over their cars?

Video tape : VHS (and yes the short lived Beta)

Soon to be extinct:

Fax machines
Tube Monitors
Land lines (analog phones)
Pay phones that actually take change.

Come to think of it...