Wednesday, March 28, 2007

American Idol

I know what your going to say. American Idol? You’ve got to be kidding!

But before you all get snooty on me, the show is really good, and America has a long and venerable tradition in Talent Shows in both television and radio. Ted Mack’s Amateur Hour, Star Search, etc.

Anyway, American Idol was well below my radar until this year (and that’s not because the talent is any better this year, as opposed to years past), and it’s becoming a weekly ritual. And I learn new things…


Who know Gwen Stefani was so….

Articulate. I always thought she was a pretty good performer, but I had no idea that she was so reserved. She seemed almost shy, that said she was pretty straight up when giving her opinion on the contestants’ song choices and singing style.

And I never realized there’s a hair style called a faux Mohawk. Maybe, it’ll replace the mullet, which I don’t see Billy Ray Cyrus sporting anymore, but that’s another “talent” show.

Here’s my take on the judges:

Simon is always right. That’s it. Don’t really need Randy or Paula, except to provide a balance to Simon’s bluntness.

One thing you come to realize early on, is that this show is all about song choices. It seems from watching that the contestants who know who they are and find the right song will ultimately succeed.

And then there’s Sanjaya. Who has the most god awful voice, but is still there. If there was an argument against democracy, he would be it. There are theories out there as to why he continues to plough ahead each week, Howard Sterns’ campaign to get him to the finals and ultimately be the winner ( a kind of sick joke), to – same scenario. But my guess, is that he’s winning the hearts of young girls in the 10 – 13 year range.

Well the women have by and far outperformed the men. The only guy I like and I can’t remember his name, he’s the bald guy who wears the hats. The others might as well pack it in.

Actually, the winner this year will be a woman.

And my prediction is it’s going to be Melinda. The girl has GOT pipes, and she knows how to choose a song. And the runner ups are in my mind:
Jordan Sparks, who consistently shows poise and grace, and again knows how to choose a song. All of 17 years old and already on her way.

Gina Glockson, who sang a great version of The Pretenders “I’ll Stand by You” last night. She’s found her niche and her performances reflect it.

Lakisha Jones – I don’t know why I have a hard time with her, she’s got a great voice, and knows how to sing a song. In some ways, she reminds me of Patti Labelle, who tends to take the ball and run with it. Not always a good thing. I think in the hands of a good producer, she’d be very successful.

Anyway, that’s what I think. We’ll see tonight.

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