Friday, March 23, 2007

Perfect Symmetry

Love, Devotion and Surrender

To serve and never be tired is love
To learn and never be filled is devotion
To offer and never to end is surrender

Love is man's reality
Devotion is man's divinity
Surrender is man's immortality

Reality is all-pervading
Divinity is all-elevating
Immortality is all-fulfilling

Sri Chinmoy

I've been carrying that around with me since 1972, when I read in the liner notes of a Carlos Santana/John McClaughlan LP. Yes, I said LP. I still have it...

Maybe, I'll listen to it after work today. I seem to recall it's not so great. However, the first line of the poem is also a great Santana tune from the LP "Welcome". Vocals by Floral Purim and Leon Thomas. One of my favorites.

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