Saturday, March 31, 2007

What would Sonny Barger think?

Why is it that guys with "hogs" take forever to saddle up and ride away? I was having lunch today with La and Mouse at the Princess (a favorite haunt of exotic bike riders, second only to the Waterfront), and it was a rather Dubonnet lunch after a stressful week for all involved, when some of the guys decide after their umpteenth beer that it was time to go(which is kinda scary when you really think about it).

Rather than just hopping on the bike and riding off into the sunset, here's the scenario:

Step One: Fire up the bike, and do the Vroom, Vroom thing.

Step Two: Take a long 360 degree look around, enjoy the sights, girls, etc...

Step Three: Put on right hand glove.

Step Four: See step Two.

Step Five: Put on left hand glove.

Step Six: See step Two.

Step Seven: Put on silly German Army Hat Helmet. It's cool, ya know.

Step Eight: See step Two.

Step Nine: Call Broker on status of IPO.

Step Ten: See step Two.

Step Eleven: Get on Bike.

Step Twelve: See step Two.

Step Thirteen: Do the Vroom, Vroom thing.

Step Fourteen: See step Two.

Step Fifteen: Leave.

This is a universal observation (at least on my part), is there something in the purchase/lease agreement that stipulates you have to go through the above, otherwise you don't qualify for the loan?

God, they're worse than the ladies leaving a parking space at the mall.

Next up: Hair trigger car alarms activated by loud motorcycles.

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