Saturday, March 24, 2007

I heart NY

**DISCLAIMER** Gross generalizations occur in this blog.

I need a little enlightenment... Why is it that New Yorkers think that all things stylish and wonderful begin and exist in New York? By default, what you are doing cannot be stylish and wonderful if you are not copying those fickle and fleeting trends that are current in the Big Apple. As a matter of fact, didn't you know that New Yorkers were doing that "like 10 years ago"? It doesn't matter what it is, if you are doing it and they are not, you simply must be 10 years behind the curve. It's their rule of thumb.

Let the following conversation illustrate my point: (names and dates have been changed to protect the innocent)

Me: "Welcome to my gigamaree boutique!"
NY: "Your gigamarees are made of the best quality goods, but you should really look into hootmalalies. You can use the same products to make them, and they are totally cutting edge in the City right now."
Me: "Well, yes. I actually know how to make a hootmalaly, but I really love gigamarees. They are so simple, yet so complex. Not to mention, our customers just love them!"
NY: "Yeah, we were doing gigamarees 10 years ago. They're like so gauche now."
Me: looking dumbfounded because I'd never even seen a gigamaree come out of New York, especially 10 years ago

It seems it never occurs to them that anyone might not be interested in what is 'in' at the moment in their beloved city, but rather taking inspiration from their own dreams and visions? Or perhaps a different eternal city is a source of inspiration?

Me: "Actually, when I was in Paris, I visited this sublime little shop on the Left Bank where they made gigamarees. I was so romanced and inspired and I hadn't seen anything like it in America. Not too long after that trip, I decided to open my own store. I'd been in the hootmalaly business for years, but gigamarees are just the culmination of all my visions."
NY: "Paris, you say?"
Me: "Oh yeah, you know the Parisians were doing hootmalalies like so 10 years ago."

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