Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Bond

As you well know by now
Your father is not a super hero.

Nor is he the best in the world at anything he does.
Nor is he the
or most courageous
man who ever walked the Earth.

But still he is your father and he will always be your father.

And here is the thing...

If, indeed a super hero were among us,
In all his superhuman power,
He could never break the bond of love for
You that your father has.

Nor could the smartest man in the world,
In his seemingly infinite wisdom, conspire and
Devise a method by which to unravel this bond.

Nor could the strongest man, in all his sinewy glory and
His muscular convulsing find a way to
Smash and destroy this bond.

Nor could the most courageous man in the world in all his perserverance
And brave resolve, against all odds, find a way
To surmount or overcome this bond.

Each would, in turn, discover a simple truth.
That this bond is immutable and eternal.
And not even your father, himself, could alter this bond.

So remember this...

When the superhero has vanquished a thousand foes,
And the strongest has lifted the Earth upon his shoulders,
And the smartest has unraveled the mysteries of the ages,
And the most courageous has subdued the greatest of all fears.

This bond will remain.

And your father will still love you.

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