Saturday, April 21, 2007

Happy Anniversary


I promise to have the courage to love you completely and stand together in the face of adversity.
I promise to be a rock to hold onto in the storm.
I promise to cherish and protect your heart and soul and the love you give me freely.
I promise to trust you with my life and my heart.
I promise to love you with every fiber of my being even on the days I don't like you very much.
I promise to support your dreams and desires, even when they sometimes take you away from me.
I promise to respect your and my individualities, but also nurture our sacred bond.

And I never want you to forget how proud of you and honored I am that, against all odds, you chose to open your heart to me. Everyday, I choose you.

Here's to a fabulous first year and countless more.


Chavo said...

Happy Anniversary! I love you both, and am very proud of you.

Dawn Treader said...

Happy Anniversary!!! May you have a lovely day. I send you love from Yosh and me.I have spent my day working on something very special for you both.
Love you so much