Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Let There Be Cheese

As far as love affairs go, I would describe mine with cheese as having more of an opportunistic nature than anything else--if good cheese is invited to the party, I commit to it time and devotion, even turning a disinterested shoulder toward other guests to ensure my affections are delivered without distraction. But, like piano lessons as a child, acquired, cultured tastes take work to maintain, and when the party ends, so too does my crush. Until now.

I suppose it's the interactive feature of this particular cheese that initially sparked my interest; if you stare long enough, you can see a little cloud of mold microscopically extend itself into the cheddar sky (or perhaps it's just blurred vision). As the first true celebrity from the dairy family (although some may argue the dancing eggs or talking cows deserve this dubious honor...), this yet-to-be-named West Country cheddar has taken to stardom with a humble grace uncharacteristic of such a high-profile cheese (I can only imagine the brash behavior an aged gouda would display under such a spotlight).

Lest I dilute each individual's personal experience of cheddar vision, I will leave to form your own intimate relationship with _______. One final thought: beware of the milliseconds; they are mesmerizing.

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Chavo said...

It's the cheese Grommit!