Friday, April 13, 2007

I'm a little aggravated today

So I'll tell a joke.

Jesus was on the cross, and in his suffering he cried out "Peter, Peter come to me my son!"

Peter, having heard Jesus and feeling immensely guilty about the previous night. Charged up the Mount, yelling "I'm coming my Lord, I'm coming!" Only to be met by a Centurion who intercepted him, and tossed him back down the Mount. Peter tumbled and crashed; hitting his head on a rock on the way down to the bottom.

Again, Jesus in his agony called out "Peter, I've called you to come to me, where are you?"

Peter hearing Jesus; girded his loins and again made the assault on the Mount only to be - again rebuffed by the Roman Guard.

Again, Peter crashed and tumbled down the hill, accumulating scrapes and scratches along the way.

"Peter, where art thou, I am not long for this world. I have something to tell you!"

This time Peter, charged up the hill with renewed vigour. He knew he had to make it. His Lord had something important to tell him. He clotheslined the centurion knocking the guard unconscious and kept running. Reaching the apex of the Mount, he threw himself at the foot of the Cross and cried. "My Lord, It is Peter, I am here! Tell me what it is you need to tell me."

"Peter, is it you?"

"Yes, my Lord what do you need to tell me?"

"Peter, Peter...."

"Yes, Lord"

"I can see my house from up here!"

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